will provide you with a firm ground in the montessori philosophy, method, and working with children. Training is prepared for practitioners in public preschools and elementary schools, assistants in preschool with montessori program, and parents or people raising and caring for children.

The presenters are working with children professionally or at home. Lectures include the development of the child from birth to 12 years of age.

Training includes lectures, presentations of montessori materials and their use, practise and observation. It is 32 hours long (2 weekends) and it is held in Slovenian language.

Attendance at this course is prerequisite for attending a longer course and is considered as overview of first 2 planes of development (0-6 and 6-12).

Price of the training course: 290 € + VAT and 245€ + VAT for individual applications.

You can apply through this e-mail. The sooner you send your application, the better.